An Uptick in Congressional Retirement is Good News for GOP in 2024

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As we all know, 2024 brings us the opportunity to elect a new president. Additionally, it gives us a chance to change up some of the Congressional dynamics. And this year’s many retirees make that even more possible.

According to the New York Times and House-to-be retirees, 11 Republicans have announced leaving their current post for one reason or another. That might seem like a lot and lot of room for Democrats to narrow the already slim majority in the Lower Chamber. To be sure, it is.

Then again, double that number, 22 Democrats have made similar announcements so far.

This could provide what many are calling a golden opportunity for the political right.

As I mentioned, the House currently has a Republican majority, helping to hamstring Biden and the left’s agenda items from getting passed. But that majority is just about as slim as it could be, 221 to 213. Basically, this means that while the simple majority is enough to cause problems for the left, it’s still not enough to ensure the leftist policies don’t occasionally make it through, especially since the Senate has a Democratic majority.

Simply losing one or gaining one could have a major effect on how the House is operated.

And come 2024, it could mean the next president, whether that be Biden again or Trump (most likely), could be either helped or restrained quite effectively.

Naturally, the idea here is to make as many gains as possible. And for a number of districts nationwide, it could happen.

There are three districts in North Carolina, a state already presumed to be going to Trump based on recent polling, that could be flipped to red. Democrats Wiley Nickel, Kathy Manning, and Jeff Jackson have all announced retirement. And all are also from districts that were pro-Trump in 2020.

In Michigan, a similar instance occurs. While the districts of Reps. Dan Kildee and Elissa Slotkin went to Biden in 2020, but they only narrowly did so. And polling suggests Trump and not Biden will be Michigan’s choice.

If the GOP can flip even one or two of these and keep all the seats they currently have, it will give them more room to really help Trump out, should he win – or make sure Biden gets nothing done.

Of course, they need your vote to achieve any of this. So get out there and make your voice heard.