Can’t Shake That Sweet Tooth but Want a Healthy Treat? Grab That Dark Chocolate and Dig In

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These days everything causes cancer or makes you fat. It’s so difficult to make smart choices about our diet, and what we know is healthy is often prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, products with dark chocolate in them don’t fall into that category. With significantly more cocoa than milk, it often comes in from 70% to 85%. An extremely dark chocolate will contain around 95% cocoa solids.

Within advanced solids like these are minerals and protective plant compounds. These can prevent heart disease and support digestive health. These antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds are tremendously helpful for the body. Antioxidants specifically prevent cells from taking what is called radical damage. This damage comes when too many free radicals are infiltrating the cells. Called oxidative stress, they inflict damage on lipids, proteins, and DNA cells.

The heart health of dark chocolate comes from evidence that the minerals in these solids remove atherosclerotic plaque in the coronary arteries. This correlates to a decreased risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Lowering high blood pressure and lipid levels, this snack is an amazing treat with wine or blueberries for a healthy and tasty nighttime snack.

Packed with magnesium and iron, dark chocolate helps to keep blood sugar regulated, encourages proper muscle concentration, and helps the blood carry oxygen via hemoglobin. This superfood does more in one serving than many others can do in three. Those with gut issues from indigestion to acid reflux, can experience relief from even moderate symptoms. Helping to reduce inflammation, dark chocolate can be one of the secrets to fitting into those favorite jeans, too.

For years the jokes about dark chocolate and period correlation have been well known. Yet the joke is on the pain relief companies. By flooding the blood with so many nutrients, pain-relieving endorphins flood the bloodstream, thus relieving cramping and bloating. Eating dark chocolate is also shown to decrease the length of periods as well.

Dark chocolate isn’t just a superfood, it is simply THE food that can help save mankind. Just remember though, this isn’t like freedom, it needs to be enjoyed in moderation.