Denver Mayor Claims To Be Epicenter of Illegals Like It’s a Good Thing

Captain Colorado /
Captain Colorado /

Denver Mayor and Democrat Mike Johnston is just one of the many liberals who are suddenly realizing that illegal immigration is a problem. The liberals allowed the problem to run unmitigated for decades, and whenever the conservatives tried to stem the tides, their actions were racist. When Trump wanted to build the wall, it was the worst idea these losers could fathom.

On the December 27th edition of CNN’s “CNN News Central,” Johnston appeared to talk about the immigration problem in the US.

“I think that Denver is now ground zero for America’s migrant crisis. We are, at this moment now, the single largest recipient city of any city in America per capita. We actually have more than two times as many migrants as the next city behind us based on our population. We’ve received more than a hundred buses in the last month alone, as you mentioned, more than 35,000 over the last year. And so, we are working hard to try to help those folks integrate successfully.”

After talking about this with such pride, he went on to discuss how the US relocated refugees from Afghanistan or Ukraine. In those extreme situations, they had a place to stop and hold them. There was a way to control the amount of them showing up, and to stem the tide of immigrants showing up. Now, we can’t tell them to wait as we vet them and ensure their reasons for coming here are legit. We don’t have the space, resources, or time quite frankly.

If people like Johnston want real immigration changes, then they need to stop letting so many of the illegals come here. The more they let in, the harder it is to find them homes, or even to give them hearings. As it stands, they are already close to a decade out from their first immigration hearing. Frankly, being the “epicenter” of this whole shitshow is something to be ashamed of, not proud of.