Hillary’s New Professorship Isn’t Going Well…

Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com
Ben Von Klemperer / shutterstock.com

There’s a fairly well-known saying: Those who can’t do, teach.

Well, that apparently isn’t true for failed politicians and candidates for anything, Hillary Clinton.

As you know all too well, Hillary isn’t really good at anything except creating drama. She wasn’t much of a Secretary of State. Then, she failed to win the presidency not once but twice. And now, it’s been proven that she can’t even teach.

If you weren’t aware, after Clinton’s most recent presidential failure, she decided to take up a teaching position at Columbia University. Understandably, Clinton is supposedly teaching classes related to politics, as this is her background.

However, as at least one student has admitted, she’s not much of a teacher.

Columbia student Laalitya Acharya posted a few videos of Clinton teaching a class known as “Inside the Situation Room.” And what is clearly seen and heard is a lack of teaching skills whatsoever.

As Fox News reported, it’s more like “a one-sided speaking engagement” where Clinton is just “basically reading passages from her book.”

Now, Clinton is known for being notoriously stiff in most public situations, even after a lifetime in the spotlight. Most assumed that behind closed doors, or maybe in a position such as teaching college students, she might “loosen up” a bit.

She has not.

As Acharya’s videos prove, she’s as standoffish as usual.

While the student admits she doesn’t “regret taking the class,” she can’t truthfully say it’s the best she’s ever attended. It’s more like it, or Clinton’s teaching style, leaves something to be desired.

“(There was a) kind of the divide between the students and the professors,” Acharya said. At first, most students, including Acharya, said they thought it might just be that the gig was new, hoping that “she would start to loosen up a little bit” as the semester continued. She hoped that they would be able to learn more about Clinton personally and maybe even have a “professor/student relationship rather than just having (her) talk at us.”

But that has not happened.

Now, this student’s perception of Hillary, or even 100 more, will unlikely change whether or not the failed politician will be kept on or not.

But it certainly goes a long way in proving what a disappointment Hillary Clinton is overall.