More Than Half of COVID Vax Recipients Still Feel Sick a Year Later

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The evidence that the COVID shots did more harm than COVID-19 itself is now overwhelming. It’s so overwhelming that scientists have an acronym they’re using specifically for people who were injured by these experimental shots (which are not actually “vaccines” under any previous epidemiological definition of the word “vaccine”). The acronym is PCVS, which stands for Post-COVID-19 Vaccine Syndrome. A new scientific study published in ScienceDirect this month shows that one year after being injected with the experimental shots, more than half of all shot recipients are still feeling sick.

Researchers studied people in India age 18 and up who received either Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN or the AstraZeneca shot. Neither one of these are mRNA vaccines, like the ones from Pfizer and Moderna. However, the study results show that these shots are equally as dangerous as the ones from the American Big Pharma companies. The world went insane over this virus that 99% of people survive. Because they fell for Communist China’s propaganda, countries rushed dangerous, untested medicines to the market.

People injected with COVAXIN or the AstraZeneca shot were studied from September of 2021 through May of 2023. One month after their first injection, 52.8% of shot recipients reported at least one PCVS incident. By 12 months after vaccination, 64.6% of recipients reported at least one PCVS. When people took the first booster shot, the incidence of PCVS shot up to 80%. The researchers note that the vaccine victims’ quality of life declined significantly after the first booster shot.

This is not to imply in any way that these shots were inferior to the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots. Those were even more dangerous for recipients according to all the latest medical literature.

In March of this year, researchers conducted a review of published papers on the COVID vaccines in the National Library of Medicine. They identified 81 separate papers (so far) that confirmed major heart problems were caused in people by the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots. There were 17,636 people identified with serious heart problems, and 284 confirmed fatalities. By way of comparison, an experimental bird flu vaccine was taken off the market in the 1970s after it caused just 25 American deaths.

The researchers noted, “Thrombosis was frequently reported with any mRNA vaccine, followed by stroke, myocarditis, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolism, and arrhythmia.”

Most of the vaccine injured who took the Pfizer shot suffered thrombosis, while most Moderna recipients suffered from strokes. The time between receiving the shots before the onset of major cardiovascular problems was less than 6 days for both Pfizer and Moderna.

The 17,636 people in the review also reported symptoms like dizziness, burning sensations, tinnitus, headaches, inability to sleep, heart palpitations, and muscle pain and aches. Each study participant reported an average of about 22 different symptoms. All because people were terrified by China’s fake videos of health 20-year-olds collapsing on the pavement. People fell for it hook, line and sinker, and then injected themselves with experimental garbage that went through no safety trials.

The good news is that class action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies are now allowed. Lawyers are lining up with victims and family members to sue the pants off Pfizer and Moderna, after it was discovered that many of the Pfizer shots were adulterated (contaminated) with shards of broken glass. The immunity from lawsuits that Congress provides the Big Pharma companies doesn’t apply when it can be proven that their shoddy practices led to people being injured. More than 90 law firms from across America are now readying class action lawsuits against Pfizer and Moderna. It’s about time.