Mexican Witch Killed Trying to Kidnap a Baby for Human Sacrifice

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One of the biggest lies that the American people are told is that the illegal aliens flooding into our country are just as “American” as we are. All they have to do is touch the soil of our great nation and, let’s face it, they are now true-blue Americans. Figures like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will tell you that illegal aliens are even more American than you are. So shut up and pay for their dry cleaning, Obamaphones, and luxury hotel rooms. But are they better? It seems like all this cultural enrichment that we’re receiving thanks to Joe Biden is making the country worse. For example, how would you like to end up with this lady as your next-door neighbor?

Mexican police say a drug cartel witch named Maria Guadalupe tried to kidnap an 18-month-old baby last week to conduct a human sacrifice to the patron “saint” of the cartels, Santa Muerte (Spanish for “Holy Death”). This incident happened in Ciudad Juarez, directly across the border from El Paso, TX. Police say that 33-year-old Maria has a history of drug trafficking, conducting Satanic rituals for the cartels, and human sacrifice.

Wouldn’t you just love to have someone like her move into your neighborhood? That would really spice things up.

The baby that Maria had targeted for a human sacrifice was the son of her own nephew. She told her nephew that she believed the baby was the reincarnation of a dead relative of theirs. At some point, Maria decided it would be a good idea to sacrifice the baby to Santa Muerte. She asked her nephew several times if she could kill his baby, but he refused for some reason.

Although Santa Muerte has been completely denounced by the Catholic church, the “patron saint” is heavily worshiped in parts of Latin American culture—especially the drug cartels. The fake saint is depicted by statues of a cloaked skeleton woman holding a globe and a sickle. Earlier this year, a cinder block structure holding a shrine to Santa Muerte popped up overnight along Camino Real Highway in Ciudad Juarez. Shrines to the demonic figure are also popping up in the United States as Joe Biden surrenders more American territory to the cartels.

Drug cartel members believe that Santa Muerte can give them special powers, such as making their skin bulletproof when they get in gunfights with rival gangs. They also believe the fake saint will protect them as they’re smuggling drugs and people across the border. Police have been finding altars to Santa Muerte in stash houses near the border, most recently in Fort Worth, TX.

Maria Guadalupe grew tired of her nephew’s objections to her big plan. She broke into the young family’s home on Sunday night with the help of two unidentified drug cartel thugs. Maria tried to snatch the baby away from the young couple so she could kill it for Santa Muerte. That’s when her nephew, 23-year-old Carlos Gabriel, did what any sane father would do in the same situation.

He cracked the witch’s skull open and beat her brains out with a baseball bat. Police later found the skeletal remains of another person Maria had sacrificed at her house, buried under a concrete slab with a shrine to Santa Muerte on top of it.

The moral of the story is that the millions of Third World immigrants pouring into our country are not as American as you and your family. Many of them, as evidenced by the shrines to a demon popping up all over the country, are more similar to Maria Guadalupe than they ever will be to you. The America we know and love is eventually going to be destroyed if this invasion is not stopped and reversed with mass deportations. You cannot replace the people of a nation without replacing its culture.