SF Sets New Record for Worst Year of Overdoses

Pormezz / shutterstock.com
Pormezz / shutterstock.com

In the face of increasingly lax laws regarding drug possession, use, and overall crime, San Francisco has turned into a shell of its former glory. Now according to current rates, the city is expecting to have one of its deadliest years on record and the deadliest single year for overdoses ever recorded.

While proponents of these Democratic policies try to make an argument for simply letting people go and doing nothing to address the drug situation, the numbers don’t lie. Back in August, the city suffered an overdose death every 9 hours for the whole 31 days. A level of overdose deaths like this has been seen since the early days of crack as it hit the La suburb of Compton in the early 1980s.

Consistently electing far-left representatives, the city has all but abolished laws for theft and drug use. Setting criminals back out on the streets, they are intermixing with the illegals the Sanctuary City keeps welcoming and creating an empire for these drugs to flow right in. The same illegals they are welcoming with open arms have their drug connections back home. With a few phone calls, they are up and running. It feeds the cat-and-mouse cycle with the cops and drug users, and it’s become a game they can’t win any time soon.

Experts are declaring that this year will likely result in a total increase of 25% more overdoses than in 2022, which was a near-record year. With most of the overdoses coming from fentanyl as well as meth, the Mexican cartels are the main pipeline for these drugs. Not only sending people to set up pipelines, they are also sending mules to bring these drugs into the country via bulk shipments.

The sad part is, this is EXACTLY what the people of San Francisco voted for, and have continued to vote for.