“Take Our Border Back” Convoy Begins Coast to Coast Tour

Nicole Glass Photography / shutterstock.com
Nicole Glass Photography / shutterstock.com

If you weren’t aware, having secure national and state borders is not just a want for the American people. In fact, it is a constitutional right – one that is supposed to be given by the federal government.

And since Biden’s administration isn’t doing that, law-abiding citizens are taking a stand of their own. This time, they will create a convoy that will stretch from coast to coast in protest of Biden’s border ineptitude.

According to SMG News Wire, the organizer of the convoy, as well as a series of rallies held in border towns and states, is a group called Take Our Border Back.

A news release on the event states, “The goal is simple: to shed light on the obvious dangers posed by wide open Southern borders.”

As one Arizona member of Take Our Border Back, Noel Roberts, explains, individuals from border communities have been dealing with an all-out invasion of their homes, schools, and neighborhoods for years now. And each month, it grows worse.

You likely know that most border states, such as Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, have requested help from the federal government to rein in this invasion. And yet, they’ve all but been ignored.

So, what other choices do these people have but to protest and make their voices, as well as their engines, heard – as is another constitutional right?

As Roberts explained on “The Todd Starnes Radio Show,” the whole thing is meant to be peaceful and lawful. They are, in fact, working with local law enforcement all across the nation to ensure just that.

“We are not some rogue group of people. We are just citizens in America who live near the border, who want to get our voices and use our First Amendment properly and lawfully and peacefully, honestly.”

So, the plan is to drive from Virginia Beach, Virginia, on January 29 and move on toward California. Once in western border states, a series of rallies will be held to bring even more attention to our disastrous borders, taking place on February 3 in Yuma, San Ysidro, and Eagle Pass.

All freedom-loving patriots are encouraged to join.