Texas Homeowner Chokes Armed Burglar to Death

LMPark Photos / shutterstock.com
LMPark Photos / shutterstock.com

A burglar armed with a loaded rifle kicked in the front door of a home in Midland, TX last weekend with the intent of robbing the owners. It’s not the first time that 37-year-old George Samuel Butler ever attempted a home invasion robbery. But it was the last!

The unidentified homeowner put an end to Butler’s life of crime, but not through the use of a personal firearm. He used a different type of “guns” to take down the hardened criminal—his mighty Texan arms!

Butler typically expects his victims to submit when he kicks in their front door and starts waving a gun around. That didn’t happen last weekend, as the homeowner wrestled Butler to the ground and then put him in a chokehold. When the cops arrived at the scene, Butler was “nonresponsive” and expired.

That was a very different outcome than the last time that Butler terrorized a homeowner. In July of 2022, Butler kicked in a woman’s front door while armed. She managed to call the cops on him, and Butler refused to leave. When the police arrived to arrest him, Butler resisted and fought them off. He managed to get one officer in a headlock and gave him a bloody nose before he was finally subdued and handcuffed.

Butler must not have served much time in prison for that crime since he was back on the streets in February of 2024. Oh, well. The streets are finally safe from this former dirtbag committing any more crimes.

The nice thing about this story is that it happened in Texas. It doesn’t look like prosecutors even discussed the possibility of charging the homeowner with a crime. If he had defended his life against George Butler in California or New York, the homeowner might be facing life in prison. In Texas, he gets a pat on the back for a job well done!