Deadline for Biden: Dems Ready to Swap Out Joe for Kamala’s Turn

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Can we stop and acknowledge the elephant in the room? President Biden’s campaign is looking like a sinking ship. After a disastrous debate performance, leading Democrats are practically begging him to prove he’s still got the chops to take on Trump in November. Honestly, it’s like watching a rerun of a bad TV show.

More than a week since Biden’s debate flop, key Democrats openly question his viability. Four senior House Democrats, during a private leadership call on Sunday, suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris replace Biden. You heard that right—the same Harris with those spectacularly low approval ratings.

A growing number of Democrats in Congress are pushing Biden, who’s now 81, to step aside. They’ve even given him a week to reassure them and show he can beat Trump. And why the sudden panic? Because Trump, at 78, is gaining ground in the polls. The clock is ticking, folks.

Sen. Christopher Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, laid it out on CNN’s “State of the Union.” He said, “This is a crucial week for the country and the president.” Murphy added that Biden needs to show, without relying on scripts or a teleprompter, that he’s fit to serve another term. Yeah, good luck with that.

Despite Biden’s efforts to demonstrate his mental fitness at campaign events and in an ABC News interview, Democrats are still on edge. In the interview, Biden took the blame for his poor debate showing and insisted, “I’m still in good shape.” But let’s be honest, the interview did little to boost confidence. He struggled to recall if he’d watched the debate replay and dodged questions about his mental lapses and cognitive testing.

By Sunday, the doubts had only grown. Rep. Adam Schiff, a top Democrat from California, voiced concerns on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” He stated, “The debate performance raised legitimate questions about whether Biden has the energy to defeat Trump.” Schiff couldn’t even muster a full endorsement of Biden. If that’s not a red flag, I don’t know what is.

In a private leadership call, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries of New York organized a discussion where top party lawmakers suggested Biden should step down. Among them were ranking Democrats on four House committees: Adam Smith, Jerrold Nadler, Mark Takano, and Joseph Morelle. This brings the total to nine Democrats who want Biden out. And let’s face it, that number is likely to grow once lawmakers return to Capitol Hill.

Those pushing Biden to bow out are backing Kamala Harris despite her dismal poll numbers. They think a Harris-led ticket would keep the Biden-Harris campaign funds within the party and avoid backlash from bypassing the first Black female vice president. It’s a desperate move, but what else can they do?

Biden, however, is not backing down. Over the holiday weekend, he reassured voters he’s not going anywhere. In Madison, Wisconsin, he declared, “Let me say this as clearly as I can. I’m staying in the race.” He even warned those trying to push him out, reminding them of the “millions of Democrats” who voted for him in the primaries.

But let’s not forget Biden’s holiday appearances were filled with the usual mix-ups and confusing statements. He mixed up the election date in one speech, saying he’d beat Trump again in 2020. Seriously, this is what we’re dealing with.

The Republican National Committee is, of course, loving this. They’re capturing every gaffe and posting them online for all to see. Media outlets also highlight how the White House manages Biden’s public appearances, from scripting his events to providing paths to the podium.

A Sunday report from Axios showed leaked images of staffers guiding Biden through public appearances. Another report revealed how staffers scripted his interviews. A Milwaukee radio host admitted she was given questions from Biden’s campaign team for his post-debate interview.

Former Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio summarized it on “Fox News Sunday.” He said Biden will face increasing pressure from Democrats worried about his low poll numbers dragging them down in the upcoming elections. Ryan warned, “It’s going to drag everybody else down, and that’s a major concern for Leader Jeffries and other top Democrats.”

So here we are, with Biden’s campaign on the brink and Democrats scrambling for a plan B. The question is, will Biden step aside, or will he drag his party down with him?