Biden Strikes Again: Executive Actions Favoring Immigrant Families

Andrey_Popov /
The Biden administration can’t seem to help itself when it comes to making a mess out of our immigration system. This Tuesday, they plan to announce an executive action that allows certain undocumented spouses and children of U.S. citizens to apply for lawful permanent residency without leaving the country. Yes, you heard that right. Instead […]

Republicans Declare War on Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

Hadayeva Sviatlana /
Congressional Republicans unveiled a bill on Wednesday aimed at upending diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts within the federal government and federal contracting processes. Named the Dismantle DEI Act, the legislation, spearheaded by Sen. J.D. Vance (R., Ohio) and Rep. Michael Cloud (R., Texas), proposes eliminating all DEI positions in federal agencies and prohibiting federal […]

Apocalypse Watch: New Orleans Mayor Declares June 11 ‘Back That Azz Up’ Day

James Kirkikis /
Occasionally, we all wonder if our civilization is coming to an end. Then, a story like this comes along, and we are absolutely certain that it is. New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell (D) has declared a new holiday for her historic city. Henceforth, June 11 will be celebrated as a day to honor a filthy […]

Terror Threat at All-Time High Thanks to Biden’s Border Policies

stoatphoto /
You heard it right, folks. The United States is staring down the barrel of the highest terrorist threat level we’ve ever seen. This isn’t some wild speculation or a hypothetical scenario anymore. It’s real, and it’s happening now. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) laid it all out during a recent interview with CBS […]

Scenery, Wildlife, and Stupidity in America’s Most Iconic Parks

Margaret.Wiktor /
America is heating up for vacationers seeking new adventures, and national parks provide hours of irresistible yet affordable entertainment for cash-strapped thrill-seekers nationwide. But be advised that warning signs in these parks are in place for a reason. Most likely, the reason is that someone did something so idiotic that park managers had no choice […]

Landmark Ruling: Texas AG Ken Paxton Destroys Biden’s Trans Agenda in Schools

John Arehart /
Parents across America owe Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton a debt of gratitude. Paxton sued the Biden regime for its attempts to force all schools in America to accept the Democrat Party’s transgender bathrooms and other degenerate policies. The US District Court in Northern Texas has ruled in Paxton’s favor, noting that Biden does not […]

Litmus Test: How the FBI is Driving Trump Supporters Out of the Bureau

VAKS-Stock Agency /
Even longtime employees of the FBI with a clean service record are being kicked out of the bureau if their superiors discover that they are Donald Trump supporters. This isn’t speculation. Just the News has obtained the redacted documents that prove it. The FBI has now been transformed into Joe Biden and the Democrat Party’s […]

Mayorkas Shields Biden’s Asylum Policies, Shifts Blame to Congress

Tennessee Witney /
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is trying to defend President Biden’s latest misguided executive action on asylum, and it’s almost laughable. Biden’s approach is to restrict asylum seekers. At the same time, he is pointing fingers at Congress, but it’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage his sinking ship. Mayorkas, speaking on ABC’s […]

Biden’s Desperate Bid to Win Over Latino Voters with Immigration Gimmicks /
In a last-ditch effort to secure Latino votes in pivotal states like Nevada and Arizona, President Joe Biden is on the brink of pushing through another immigration policy aimed at legalizing long-term undocumented immigrants married to American citizens. This comes right on the heels of his recent executive action to curb border crossings, proving once […]

Dems Worry This Trump VP Contender Might Make the Cut 

The Old Major /
As former President Donald Trump makes his VP list and checks it twice, there is one name that experts caution could spell the end of Team Biden’s campaign efforts in November. Florida Senator Marco Rubio could be poised to siphon even more of the valuable Latino vote from Biden if chosen as Trump’s running mate.  […]