Thief Shoots Himself in the Neck…All During a Test Drive

Gleb Usovich /
Gleb Usovich /

Dealerships always proclaim that their deals are crazy. Some even go so far as to call them criminal and proclaim that the customers should be arrested for saving so much. Now, Champion Auto Sales on Jackson Avenue in Memphis, TN, can back those claims up.

26-year-old Joshua Garvins came to the dealership, where a salesman took him out on a test drive to close a deal. Stopping on the test drive, the salesperson claims he took away the keys and exited the vehicle due to Garvins’ behavior. Suddenly, Garvins demanded he hand over the keys. When the victim denied his request, Garvins attacked.

According to Memphis PD, Garvins then threatened to kill the salesman, pulled a pistol, and the two started wrestling over control of the gun. With shots ringing out, Garvins was struck in the neck. Bleeding pretty good, the man attempted to take off but was quickly stopped by MPD, who took him into custody immediately.

Upon booking, his mugshot featured a massive bandage on the side of his neck, yet he avoided charges for the gun or shooting so far. At this point, the DA has only filed an aggravated robbery charge. Given the damage he did to himself, they might be giving him some mercy for nearly killing himself. However, this simple “mistake” won’t be his last attempt at this. Instead, this likely will turn into him trying to take the salesman to court or alleging he got control of the gun and did this intentionally.

No matter how it happened, it’s glorious seeing a thief getting some justice in the form of karma immediately.