Tuberculosis Detected in Every NYC Neighborhood from Illegal Alien Invasion

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One of the scariest things about Joe Biden’s planned invasion of America by hordes of illegal aliens—other than the fact that they’ll be voting in the 2024 election—is all of the weird and disgusting diseases that they’re carrying into the country. Leprosy, polio, and tuberculosis are all making comebacks in the United States, long after most people thought they were eliminated here. In New York, for example, tuberculosis has been detected in all 59 neighborhoods of the city.

Measles was declared to have been eliminated in the United States in 2000. There were 41 cases brought into the country by filthy illegal aliens in 2023, however. Florida, Texas, and Maryland all had cases of malaria. Another 1,200 cases of chickenpox were declared last year, most of which ripped through illegal alien shelters. In 2022, a New York man was paralyzed by polio. The last time we had a confirmed case of polio in the US that paralyzed someone was in 1990.

Tuberculosis is the problem, however, that is most likely to break into a full-scale pandemic. (Thanks, Joe Biden.)

TB is an airborne disease that can be fatal if left untreated. You can’t just take some Nyquil and rest up to recover from tuberculosis. New York City reported 536 cases of tuberculosis as of December 2023, which was a 20% increase over the previous year. All of the cases were either brought in by the diseased aliens or were transmitted to Americans working in proximity to the aliens. Gross!

That makes 2023 the worst year for tuberculosis in New York City since Barack Obama was in office. Elizabeth Lovinger, health policy director at Treatment Action Group, says, “When there are particularly high spikes in TB and other infectious diseases in New York City, that tends to be kind of a bellwether for the rest of the country.”

New York City has a Bureau of Tuberculosis Control, but it’s understaffed after years of not having to worry much about tuberculosis. Why worry about it? It’s not like anyone would be insane enough to throw our borders open and invite 20 million diseased foreigners into the country! Employees at the TB bureau, speaking anonymously, say that the spike in cases last year was far beyond anyone’s expectations.

When Donald Trump was in office, the national average for tuberculosis cases was about 2.2 per 100,000 people. In New York City in 2023, the rate was 6.1 cases per 100,000. Joe Biden may have managed to double gas prices, but he has tripled the incidence rate of a deadly disease in New York City. That’s impressive.

“This is definitely a more dramatic resurgence than we would have probably expected,” Lovinger said.

Actually… some of us have been predicting that the hordes of illegal aliens would be carrying in their weird diseases for the past three years now. A major concern is that some will have been deliberately infected with something gross, incurable, and Chinese. Since our public health officials didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory the last time we had a “pandemic,” can you imagine what it would be like if something that is actually dangerous starts spreading here?

You might think that since this problem is blooming in New York City, it doesn’t affect you in your community. Think again. Joe Biden allowed an estimated 2.5 million illegal aliens into the country in 2023. That’s more than the population of Chicago, and they are spreading throughout the country. Their dirty and diseased children are sitting in a classroom near your child.

Chalk this up as another impeachable offense committed by Joe Biden. Not that Republicans will ever get around to impeaching him.