Turns Out Fall Is the Best Time To Shed Weight

encierro / shutterstock.com
encierro / shutterstock.com

As the days begin to get shorter, we look back on the summer. For many, what was supposed to be a hot-girl summer turned into a hot-dog summer. Sun’s out, guns out turned into sun’s down, goin to beers and burger town. The once almost six-pack has certainly bloomed into a keg, and they are asking themselves what happened.

Fear not. Turns out, you just had the wrong timing to get sustainable results.

It turns out the fall is the perfect time to shed those pounds. And why wouldn’t it be? The kids are getting back into their school time routines, and vacations are done until Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. Making little games of getting them ready and having a healthy breakfast, as well as exercising while they practice, can give huge returns.

By getting out there when it’s cooler, it’s also easier to go harder and longer, which helps increase the results you see. With so much fresh food available at local farmer’s markets, it’s easier than ever to get healthy natural foods. If you want to truly experience the farm-to-table life, they have plenty of farms and orchards with pick-it-yourself fruit and vegetables. Corn and apples can be great for kids to learn and experience motor dexterity too.

Winter preparation, like raking leaves or tending to flowerbeds, can promote excellent muscle use and relaxation. The sun helps provide a nice dose of dopamine, and with the shorter days coming up, we could all use some extra in the reserves. Using that as the days get shorter, we can then keep these habits going as the year goes on!