WH Quietly Promises to Keep Fueling the Border Crisis

David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com
David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.com

If you’ve seen Biden’s recent poll numbers, you know that he’s worried about his chances for 2024. Then again, with secret back-door immigration policies like this in place, the plan is clearly to replace American votes lost with illegal ones.

As Axios recently reported, there is a little-known immigration policy (more like a loophole) that allows the Biden administration and, more specifically, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security to quietly and discretely allow certain noncitizens into the country by bypassing the usual routes.

It’s called the Immigration and Nationality Act and, as the American Immigration Council states, it allows DHS to “exercise discretion to temporarily allow certain noncitizens to physically enter or remain in the United States if they are applying for admission but do not have a legal basis for being admitted.”

Specifically, the law was designed to allow illegal migrants who would be a “significant public benefit” to the US or if there were “urgent humanitarian” needs.

However, due to the overall vagueness of the law and who is in charge of it right now, it basically means that DHS and Biden puppet Alejandro Mayorkas gets to allow whoever they want into our country for reasons only they can determine.

Naturally, the assumed idea is that by continuing to add illegal migrants to the US population, the voice of the actual American people will be quietly and slowly drowned out, replaced with one that is statistically more likely to vote progressive and be manipulated by a globalist agenda.

Of course, just like any other demographic, there is no guarantee this plan of theirs will work.

The one major problem for the political left is that with a GOP-led House of Representatives, this law isn’t just a secret anymore. And the GOP is fighting back.

Of course, this doesn’t only complicate the promise Mayorkas and Biden made to Hispanic lawmakers to keep the law in place but also jeopardizes the continued funding of Ukraine, which may be put on the back burner until this border issue is dealt with.

Furthermore, not all Hispanic lawmakers or Democrats agree on the law, with some not even getting a say. As Democratic Senator Alex Padilla of California noted, “We hear a lot of what concessions are we giving to Republicans when there is not really any ‘gets’ on our side.”

Even disgraced New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez can’t get behind it, saying the process is “not a negotiation. That’s a hostage-taking.”

Of course, Biden officials have stated they will not back down on the law.

But with the GOP hot on their trail, they may not have a choice, especially if they want Ukraine funding to continue and to make the Congressional Hispanic Caucus happy.

Besides, the Republicans may yet figure out a way to stifle the loophole or at the least put a law of their own in place to combat it. You know, something similar to Trump’s Title 42. But instead of being related to health or COVID issues, this could be tied to a number of agreed-upon border crossings or something.

Currently, border crossings are at a record high. In fact, Monday saw the US border with Mexico have more crossings in a single day than ever before. A whopping 14,509 encounters in one single day…

And that’s just the ones they caught and detained. There could be hundreds more out there we don’t know about.

Whatever happens, the GOP needs to figure out a way to slow these encounters – and fast.