What Dr. Ben Carson Did Before Endorsing Trump

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com

As the most popular Republican in the race to become our next sitting president, you know that Donald Trump is getting a lot of endorsements of late. But one of the most recent proves it’s not all about politics.

For former Housing and Urban Development Secretary and Dr. Ben Carson, it’s a matter of faith.

As he showed with a post to his X account on Sunday, it’s his faith that has led him to recently endorse Donald Trump for President, believing he is the right man for the job right now.

The caption reads, “Praying before making a big announcement for a very special friend.”

Moments later, Carson was standing on a stage in Sioux City, Iowa, before thousands of supporters publicly giving his full endorsement to Trump.

Now, if you know much about Ben Carson, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as he’s never been shy about his faith. In 2016, when he ran for president himself, the establishment media was quick to criticize him for it.

He also used this same faith as the precedent used when Trump appointed him as the HUD secretary. And now, he’s using that faith to endorse Trump.

“As I stand here today, I want to offer my most confident and full endorsement of Donald J. Trump.”

He then went on to explain why he would give such support, noting that Trump “believes in our freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms.” These, among other things, make him well-suited to “fix our country” and “make America great again.”

Of course, this endorsement is likely to bring the wrath of the political left and media against him. But, as I explained earlier, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Much like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Carson is a combination that the left just doesn’t understand and, therefore, loathes. He is both black and conservative, not to mention smarter than most of them combined.

If you didn’t know, Carson used to literally be a brain surgeon. In fact, he is so accomplished in that line of work that he’s had a movie made about his success. (Let’s just say Dr. Jill has nothing on him.)

And if that wasn’t good enough, he’s now gone on to be one of the most respected politicians in modern history.

But he boasts not of himself or his many accomplishments. Instead, he boasts of his God and what our nation could become if given the right leadership; leadership he believes should be Donald Trump.

“Our nation is in desperate need of strong leadership. A president who fights for the American people, our freedoms, our safety, and our future. Donald J. Trump is that leader and I am proud to give him my full endorsement for President of the United States today.”