WATCH: Why is FEMA Out of Cash?

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It’s not even hurricane season yet, and FEMA is out of cash. But why? Watch now:


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The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently designated the city as a “Sanctuary City for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Non ...Read More

San Francisco: Now a Sanctuary City for Trans and Nonbinary

hyotographics /
A plane carrying the Vice President of Malawi, Saulos Chilima, along with nine others, has been reported missing. The aircraft depar ...Read More

Vice President of Malawi Vanishes After Departure for Funeral With Nine Others

Janson George /
Former President Donald Trump received a warm welcome from a large gathering of supporters and boaters during his recent visit to Ca ...Read More

California Democrats Drown In Tears As Thousands Of Boaters and Supporters Welcome Back Trump

lev radin /
In a classic display of misplaced priorities, Vice President Kamala Harris took a moment to express her sympathy for “innocent” Pale ...Read More

Harris Hearts Hamas? VP Comforts Anti-Israeli Protester, Ignores Israeli Suffering

Pixel-Shot /
Robert Jackson of Olathe, Kansas, faced a pivotal decision after his fifth drunk driving charge in 25 years: risk a jail sentence in ...Read More

Military Vet Nabs Fifth DWI, Chooses Jail Alternative

David A Litman /
COVID-19 was a terrifying pandemic, but Dr. Fauci was supposed to use science to guide us through it. Now, we have learned the truth ...Read More

COVID Mishandling = Jail for Dr. Fauci?

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In a recent post on X, the U.S. Department of Education commemorated Pride Month, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive a ...Read More

Education Secretary Gets Roasted For Wishing Students A Happy Pride Month And Promoting Safe Schools

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In the realm of employment statistics, there was news about a notable decrease in vacant jobs in the United States during April. Acc ...Read More

New Low: Only Eight Million Americans Unemployed AND Desperate Enough To Take Your Crappy Job

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As I am sure you are well aware, June is “pride” month. As such, this is when most companies trot out their more left-leaning agenda ...Read More

Companies Scale Back Over-the-Top “Pride” Plans Amid Backlash


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Canadian YouTuber Warns UK That America’s Obscenity is Coming for Them

Loredana Sangiuliano /
Canadian U.S. Commentator Lauren Chen criticized the “disturbing” activities at U.S. pride events following street celebrations in S ...Read More

Schumer Pushes to Reclassify Trump’s January 6 Actions as “Unofficial” Following Immunity Ruling 

Bumble Dee /
Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced Monday that he and other Senate Democrats will push for legislation to remove ...Read More

Biden Admits He’s OK With a Trump Win As Long as He “Gave it His All” 

photosince /
Maybe it’s not all about a democracy in danger that keeps President Joe Biden from stepping aside following last week’s dismal debat ...Read More

Mexican Witch Killed Trying to Kidnap a Baby for Human Sacrifice

Multipedia /
One of the biggest lies that the American people are told is that the illegal aliens flooding into our country are just as “American ...Read More

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