Arabs Split the Liberals in Michigan

Tudoran Andrei /
Tudoran Andrei /

As the Israel-Palestine/Hamas conflict continues with no end in sight, President Biden is dealing with an extra Islamic-related crisis here in the US.

Michigan is home to one of the largest concentrations of Arabs and Muslims in the US. A group that feels increasingly isolated and divided against Biden as they continue to advocate for the US to negotiate a ceasefire between the two Israel and Palestine. With roughly half openly supporting the idea of Israel having a right to be recognized and defend itself, the others proclaiming that Palestine simply rose from being oppressed. Even if they have no “skin” in the fight, the liberals are torn on which group to defend.

With a chunk of the LGBTQ+ community blindly supporting Palestine; many other liberals are finding themselves at odds and being forced to speak out against the Jews they usually support. It’s an unfamiliar place for the liberals, and Biden’s latest answer is to send senior aides to the state and gather the feelings of the group. Slated to meet extensively with Arab and Muslim residents, representatives from both sides seemed excited before the meeting.

Getting through this situation will take careful diplomacy, something Biden nor his administration have navigated well thus far. The division of people worried more about who is more oppressed instead of who’s right and who’s wrong always causes problems like this. Given the reception his reps received in Detroit in late January, Biden has his work cut out for him. The American people and the people in MI no longer trust him.

Historically, the Jewish vote has blindly followed the liberal left, as they tend to fall in line more with the tenets of Judaism. However, they see his half-ass support of either side as a total failure and are now getting an “Abandon Biden” movement in place to turn their backs on him come November.