Sen Schumer Thinks Zyn Is a Bigger Threat Than Fentanyl

Jeppe Gustafsson /
Jeppe Gustafsson /

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is playing right into the liberal card game by deflecting from the real problems facing this nation. Instead, they want to focus on creating ones where none exist. On January 21st, he called for an investigation into tobacco manufacturer Zyn under the claim it is being marketed directly to teens.

“It’s a pouch packed with problems – high levels of nicotine. So today, I’m delivering a warning to parents, because these nicotine pouches seem to lock their sights on young kids – teenagers, and even lower – and then use the social media to hook ’em,” said Schumer.

This is the same argument the left brought to Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man back in the 1990s as they claimed their adult cartoons and rugged man campaigns were targeting teens. Never mind the warnings provided and the long history of knowing the dangers tobacco can bring the user. A choice by adults to take up these habits is made with ample information at their fingertips and on the packaging.

If kids are getting their hands on Zyn then this isn’t a problem of the manufacturer. It’s instead a problem of parenting and other adults around these kids. It’s these adults who aren’t keeping an eye on their products. There is no reason for Schumer or any elected official to tell grown adults that they have to enjoy tobacco without flavor. As it is, they have already come for and removed almost all tobacco flavors of cigarettes and even targeted hand-rolled premium cigars.

Since Schumer wants to target the scum going after our kids, he should be aiming for the Fentanyl dealers and suppliers. As it flows in against our ever-leakier border, the bodies keep piling up, yet Schumer and other liberals want to legalize more and more substances. Kids and adults who would become addicts be damned.