Chicago Looks at Tool Sheds for Illegals To Call Home

Peter Vanco /
Peter Vanco /

Mixed in with the sobs of poverty coming from Chicago, IL, officials are cries of pride for finding a solution to their problem of being a sanctuary city. They won’t be stopping the program, but rather they will continue to send them off to other places and displace their responsibility. Now, as reported by Axios on November 20th, these migrants will have a place to live if a housing company’s pitch is successful.

With most of these illegals showing up from Venezuela, they are coming with little to no education or skills. They have no family, friends, or resources in the US. Coming with the clothes on their backs and what little wasn’t stolen from them, they don’t have much prospects for the future. With no plans to change that, many are staying in city-subsidized housing or just taking over the police stations.

As Axios reported, for the low cost of $20,000 a unit, the company could solve all their problems.

“Inherent Homes has developed a prototype to provide an alternative to tents on sidewalks and under viaducts that can be built fast in their Lawndale facility. Their new MicroHomes are 80 square feet and can house up to six people, Inherent CEO Tim Swanson tells Axios. They include a lofted bed, over 5 feet in headspace, and a composting toilet. If the city wanted these houses, Swanson said it would take less than a month for production to ramp up, and they could produce several units per month.”

The use of the word “several” is most troublesome. Just on a simple estimate of that, meaning four per month could be made, it would take over a year to take care of an average 56-passenger motorcoach. This isn’t an answer to the problem; if anything, it’s liberal extortion being dressed up to look like the American dream being given to them. It doesn’t serve to address the problem of Joe Biden’s policies in the first place. If anything, this will serve to incentivize them to continue coming to the US.

Given the current push to use taxpayer money to fund their housing, with nothing coming from them, it is creating artificial inflation in the real estate market. Apartments and hotels/motels are being rented out on the government dime for full price and at a severely inflated rate. Rooms that were an average of $75 per night before taxes are being rented to the feds for $375 per night. Apartments that were $2,500 a month before the end of Title 42 are now commanding $3,900-$2,750 a night, and the feds are paying for its hand-over-fist.

This artificial inflation is driving up the cost of hotel rooms in these sanctuary cities and making it impossible to find someplace to call “home” at a reasonable price. Given the number of people coming here, the impact on the industry cannot be overstated. So, Inherent Homes thinks that these micro-homes are a bargain at $20k per unit.

In comparison, the trailers in Iraq and Kuwait provided by KBR were transported overseas in a rush for under $20k for a three-section “apartment” style trailer. These outfitted shipping containers were constructed quickly and easily at a fair cost. What is being proposed here is price gouging on a global level. These poorly constructed units won’t last and aren’t even putting a bandage on the gaping hole that is the real problem.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) explained the problem going on best. “Think about what this does for housing prices when you have to house 10 million people that shouldn’t be here, that drives up the costs of housing when interest rates are already through the roof. This is economic warfare and theft of the American dream from American citizens, that is the big problem here, and that’s why we have to keep fighting it.”